Wouter van Herwerden

Wouter (55), a qualified Sound and Acoustic Engineer (University of North London (1982), began his career with SABC in 1978 as audio engineer recording Classical Music, TV Drama’s, Children Programs and Live News broadcasts. In 1980 Wouter emigrated to London, U.K. where he completed his studies and worked for Dixons and McDonalds before joining Trilion covering location sound for sporting, music and television drama productions. In 1982 Wouter joined Paul Smith’s Complete Video Facilities where he designed and over saw the construction of one of London’s premiere audio post production studios. Wouter, a non-executive director of Complete Video Facilities and director of Complete Media, ¬†was instrumental in R&D, and a Sound Effects Jukebox for instant access to sound effect libraries, and a video RAM based store frame. In 1992 Wouter was part of the CBS Winter Olympics (in Albertville) sound post production crew at Broadcast Center, recording, editing and mixing packages and live feeds for Prime Time TV in New York. Wouter was offered a executive role in a leading sound post-production sound studio (SSI) in 1992 as director developing latest technology trends, where he introduced Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), replacing analog equipment in the workflow for film trailers, TV & radio commercials and TV shows. Wouter joined Margarita Mix Hollywood (MMHD) in 1998 as Chief Engineer. Wouter was a non-executive director, involved in Website Development Group and L.A. Studios Strategic Retreat in 1999. In 2003 Wouter founded Pants inc with his wife Julie to develop our business ideas and offer services to existing clients as a Consultant. Wouter has offered his services to advise Warner Brothers, and train Audio Mixers on Pro Tools. Worked at MatchFrame, Todd-AO Burbank, Radio In The Nude, Rocket Surgery (as engineer and consultant), Crush Voodoo (now Solid), Latte Mix, Oink, Big Joe Sound and MMHD. Wouter offered Media training, Voice over training to Hollywood actors.

Wouter started Computer Consulting in 1995 and is known as MacDaddy. For all personal and business computer and online requirements visit MacDaddy.

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