Born in London, England to a family of creatives. Her father, Voytek, is a well known production and costume designer in theatre, television and film, honored with two BAFTA awards. Julie’s mother was an actress in television and theatre and later an English teacher for ESL. She taught at Elementary level for thirteen years in London.

Julie and her husband Wouter, a sound director, came to the USA with their two children, Poppie age 5 and Etaih age 2 in 1992.
She painted whimsical furniture for adults and children and in 1994 became part owner of an artists co-operative called Local Color in Pacific Palisades.
Always having an appreciation for children’s artwork, Julie put personalized stationary with kids artwork as a service offered at Local Color.

in 1997 Julie began working at the local Elementary school for six years.

Presently Julie is a private tutor to many students, and runs two art classes per week. In 2006 Julie started a Summer and Winter Art Camp program that provides a place for kids of all ages to create and share different forms of art, and ideas, ending the day with afternoon tea!

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KidsLuv Books and Merchandise (Profits goto Scholarship America to help students complete their college education)

Summer Art Camp (Six week Art Camp for 7 to 13 year olds)

Winter Art Camp (Two week Art Camp for 7 to 13 year olds)

Kids Art Classes (Weekly Art Classes during the school year)

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